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Hurdle information

Starting in 2015, we only take results from the 100 meter hurdle race for consideration for the 100 meter hurdles.  No adjustments will be considered for races that were run at a higher hurdIe height. The 195 meters hurdles and the actual 200 meter hurdle race will be the only races considered for qualification to the 200 Meter hurdle race.

No 55 H, 110H or 300H will be considered.  Please run the correct length races and correct hurdle height.

Post all hurdle race results to to the actual hurdle race length and hurdle height.  The meet director will post 195 Hurdle conversions to the Nebraska hurdle conversion meet prior to the May 2nd 11 PM CST cut off.

Girls will run 30" hurdles and boys will run 33" hurdles in both the 100H and 200H events.

The 100 hurdles are set on the standard high school girl marks for both junior high girls and boys events.  In the 100 hurdles, there are 10 hurdles, 13 meters (42'8") to the first hurdle, 8.5 meters (27'10.25") between hurdles and 10.5 meters (34' 5.5") from the last hurdle to the finish line.

In the 200 hurdle event, there are 5 hurdles, 45 meters (147'7.5") to the first hurdle, 35 meters (114'10") between hurdles and 15 meters (49'2.5) to the finish line.  Differences in 195 meter hurdles and the national standard 200 meter hurdle race run at the Nebraska Championship Meet: the only difference is after the last hurdle in the 200 meter race, there are 5 more meters to the finish line then in the 195 meter hurdle race.

nebraska Championship Meet

may 11th 2019