Please plan on arriving two hours prior to your athlete's first event.  The Nebraska Championship Meet staff will need to process over 600 kids from over 135 schools prior to the competition.  Starting at 8:30 AM CST and closing at 11:00AM CST coaches, parents or guardians need to pick up their athletes packet in the Community Building cafeteria which is located south of the track.  Athlete entrance fee is due when you receive the entrance packet.  The cost is $7.00 per individual event per athlete and a total of $15.00 per relay team. Please make check payable to Gothenburg Public Schools. 

In the packet will be your athletes bib numbers.  Bib numbers must be worn on the front of the uniform, preferably below the school logo.  Pole vault competitors may wear bid numbers on their back while competing in the pole vault competition.  Relay teams must wear the same school or like uniform.

ONLY 1/8" spikes are allowed on the Gothenburg track facility.  ONLY in the High Jump shoes my use up to 1/4" spikes for the High Jump competition.


Officials will follow the National High School rule book where applicable.  Protests must be submitted in writing to the appeals jury located in the press box within 30 minutes of the completion of the disputed event accompanied by a nonrefundable check for $50.00 dollars payable to Gothenburg Public Schools.

We will use hip numbers for all individual competitors on the track; anchor leg relay members will be the only relay member required to wear a hip number.  Athletes will receive their assigned hip number under the hipping tent on the northwest corner of the track 30 minutes prior to their competition.

Athletes in multiple track events - you will need a new hip number for each event.  We will provide baskets for competitors clothing on the track during competition.

The track will be shut down at 10:50 AM CST.  All warmup after 10:50 AM will take place on the grass warmup area west of the long jump facilities.  This is the same area that all track competitors must report to 30 minutes prior to their event and prior to being staged to the hipping tent for their bib numbers.  Athletes competing in multiple track events, please remember that you will need to repeat this process for each of  your races.

No one outside of competitors and officials are allowed on the track or designated field event area during competition.  Pole vault coaches that have proper meet supplied credentials are allowed to be in the pole vault coaching box area during their athlete's competition.  Pole vault credentials will be provided in the entrance packet.

Relay cards will be provided in your entrance packets.  Relay cards must be filled out prior to the relay competition.  One member of the relay team must present the filled out and signed relay card to an assistant official to the clerk of the start in the staging areas.  4 X 100 relay members may use a marker no larger than 8 " in diameter inside their respective lane as an aid.

If you have scratches, please email the meet director the week of the meet.  Scratches the day of the meet must be given to the Nebraska Championship Meet staff at registration during packet pick up.

If your athlete is a medal winner, please listen to the public address over the loud speaker for medal presentation instructions.  Starting approximately one hour after the completion of the first field event, medal presentations will begin and continue throughout the meet.  The majority of the medal presentations will be awarded during the scheduled break between the 200 hurdles and the 100 hurdle finals.


Nebraska Championship Meet

May 11th 2019

Day of the Meet  - arrive early!